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Emotional Intelligence Workshop

"How classy it is to stay calm when people expect you to drop a bomb?" ~ Susanna Wong With this classy quote and a story, my very thought-provoking workshop about Emotional Intelligence started. IQ+EQ = SUCCESS isn't a new equation to any of us but still EQ isn't a topic that most people are familiar with. How well can you master our emotions? Participants were guided to explore the foundational principles of Emotional Intelligence, the importance of it, the characteristics of high EQ leaders and of course the ways to improve their Emotional Intelligence in the luncheon workshop today. As I always say, the more familiar we are with some terms, the less likely we really know what exactly they

Conflict Resolution Skills Workshop

Conflict originates from differences; different beliefs, values, interests, needs, wants, opinions, backgrounds, ..., just too many. Who on earth is exactly the same? No one. From traditional point of view, conflict is harmful and must be avoided and that's why there were a lot of wars; from human relations point of view, conflict is natural and inevitable; from integrationists point of view, conflict is a positive force and it's absolutely necessary if we want to increase the performance of the team. I take the integrationists point of view and that's why I always welcome conflict. Albert Einstein said, "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." Bruce Lee said, "In the middle of chaos

Speak with Charismatic Charm Workshop

We always hear the phrase, Vocal Variety, but what exactly is it? When people told us to improve our vocal variety, what does it refer to? What aspects I have to improve? This evening I conducted a 1-hour workshop on Vocal Variety using an interesting approach with interactive and fun activities. The highlight of the evening was definitely the game, McDonalds' - a great game to enable the participants to experience what vocal variety is. Vocal Variety is divided into 5Ps: Pitch Pause Pace Power Pronunciation Out of the 5, Pronunciation is rarely touched. Simply improving the word stress and sentence stress, you will immediately increase the Musicality of your spoken English. How easy! Tips

Great workshops in Hong Kong to kick off 2017

15 January 2017, marked a brilliant start of the year for my company, LL. The first two public workshops in Hong Kong, parent-child communication and couple communication, were successfully held at The Wave, Kwun Tong! First of all, while I was on the way to the venue, I got a phone call from a former parent asking me if I arrived yet. I was shocked Coz it was still early! Omg, she sent a gift to the venue to support me though she couldn't make it! Unbelievable!! So sweet!!! Second of all, the venue was beautiful! Very spacious indeed! Most important of all, I was flattered and honoured to have such a high turnout rate! Full house!!! Thank you so much for supporting me, my good old friends,

Energizing Your People to Achieve Excellence

Happy to launch my model, REIC/RE-IC, on how to energise/motivate your people to achieve excellence on an awesome big stage today. Love my opening quote, 'if you are not part of the solution, you must be part of the problem.' And of course the bathing closing quote! If you found your motivating strategies not working, it's time to try something new and practical! Thanks for all the compliments especially those who are interested to know more about the concept introduced. Great analysis and presentation from the floor indeed! Thanks for the active participation! Let's REIC! Interestingly, a young gentleman approached me after the workshop and said, 'You are quite a funny person. How did you d

Master the Art of Critical Thinking - Berlin

Snow snow snow... Snow is getting heavy outside but that doesn't affect the excitement flowing though my body! Sitting in the armchair, I am still amazed by the active participation in the workshop, Master the Art of Critical Thinking, this morning. It's a 3-hour workshop but no one (including us, the trainers) seemed to notice time went by so fast! The energy level of everyone was high enough to melt the snow outside! Love the facts that participants - were attracted by the topic; - jotted down notes throughout the workshop; - were so engaged in all the different activities; - created a lively and relaxing learning atmosphere; - were very eager to ask challenging questions (I guess I always

Effective Presentation Skills Workshop - Berlin

Today, I was happy to kick off 2017 with a workshop on Effective Presentation Skills in Berlin. Love this cultural exchange experience! The venue was quite interesting and traditional. I felt very sophisticated in the room. The excitement was even higher when I was told on the spot that the projector couldn't be arranged (they forgot to bring it 😅) ! OMG!!! An hour of workshop... With no visual... Only me... How awesome! I have certainly proved my value as a trainer by rocking the stage even under such a situation! The workshop was definitely a good demonstration of effective presentation skills! Thanks for arranging this special workshop with nice turnout, 70% non-Toastmasters people! How

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