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Giving Effective Feedback

What is feedback? I have lost count of how many times I have re-run this workshop theme to parties from different fields in the past 5 years. This time, during my short stay in Hong Kong, I have brought the importance of knowing HOW to give effective feedback to increase productivity & efficiency, build rapport & connection, unleash potential etc., to an International School, a Management Company and an Accounting Firm. And every time I start with the question, "what is feedback?" Sometimes the more often we use certain words, the more likely we don't actually know the meaning of them. The same case applies to the word "communication". Let me sidetrack for a bit and ask you, "what is communi

NLP University Affiliated Program - NLP Practitioner Certification in Orange County California

Recognized by global business and psychology to help a person improve mentally, psychologically and behaviorally Important international figures, former US President Clinton, the world's richest man Bill Gates, Jack Welch, Mother Teresa, NBA star Mike Zorton and inspirational master Anthony Robin, and so on, all promotes NLP "Ultra-practical Communication Psychology" adopted by prominent individuals in various fields such as Clinton, Stephen Spike, Agassi, Tiger Woods, Mandela, author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" Kiyosaki, investment wizard Soros Commented by Time Magazine as a must-learn for humanity in the 21st century! What's NLP? NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a name that encom

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