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17 June - Better Me Better Team

2nd Training workshop in a day after launching the I FEEL GOOD stress release workshop. What a fulfilling day! When you are already excellent, how can you help yourself to be even better? With a full bag of training materials and my sense of excitement, I walked to the Olympian House in CWB to conduct a tailor-made workshop, BETTER ME BETTER TEAM, for a group of HK representative sport team Players. First time ever! How could I not be excited about this new experience?! I was very touched by what the participants shared in the workshop and how they engaged themselves in the self-discovery journey. Lots of teary moments! I could sense how much they have been through and how strong their mind

17 June - Address Your Stress

The first time I read about this stress-release technique I got hooked already because it doesn't only shift our mood instantly but also increase our productivity! What's more is that it helps us achieve psychophysiological coherent state! Well, in short, better well-being! It's interesting that no matter how familiar we are with the term stress, we don't really know how to define it. Happy to go through a bit more about stress with the participants and highlight how different we are compared to other ways to release stress. The equipment we bought from the US definitely helped us give a better picture about what's going on in our body while we were experiencing different emotions. It's kind

24 May - Capture Your Best Angle

Never expected I will do a demo speech about taking selfies but it's so fun! I never noticed that my selfie taking skills were indeed quite good till I was preparing for the demo speech. Thanks for the active participation trying out the skills I shared! Looking at all the pictures I showed in the demo, I had to say they were all very beautifully taken. Some really didn't look like selfies! I guess I simply know the tricks! Thanks for inviting me to extend the speech to a workshop. I will see when I can schedule it! I have attached half of the skills I shared in the demo speech here. If you want to know more, feel free to contact me. "Know your 'Good' side; hold your camera right!"

18 May - Impress with Impromptu Speaking @ GZ

I don't remember how many times I have re-run this workshop but it's my first time doing a workshop for 3 corporate clubs with one on the video conferencing and it's a full 1-hour session! It's fun to interact with 3 clubs at the same time especially the one on the screen. Full-house!!! I think there were around 40-50 people? Thanks for this special arrangement. It's such a surprise! Happy to see the differences of participants' performances before and after the training workshop. The magic of the tips! I know some other GZ members were disappointed that they couldn't join this in-house workshop. I will be back soon 💪🏻 Do you know how to start an impromptu speech? How to structure it? How

12 May - Learn the Language; Beat the Barrier & 23 May - Read Your Child's Internal Strategi

My greatest pleasure to conduct training workshops for the same school for the 2nd and 3rd time to different audience groups and of different topics. Amazed by how curious the students were towards the topic, communication. The earlier they know about it, certainly the better. One high school student even asked if it's okay to give the assessment to his girlfriend. Well, sure! Happy to see students taking pictures of my slides and fully engaged in the self-discovery journey. Once again, when kids' highest personal value is Pleasure and lowest is competition, what does that imply? I always like people throwing me challenging question and parents from this school never disappoint. Lots of ques

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