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Impress with Impromptu Speaking (9 Aug) @ Marin County, California

When my German host asked me what I would do after class, I told her I had a workshop to conduct. She corrected me, "you mean you have a workshop to attend?" I said no, "I have a workshop to conduct." She opened her eye wide, "WOW!" During lunch, a Canadian classmate here in the Hypnotherapy Class asked the same question. I gave the same reply. She asked me again, "How many courses have you signed up in California?" I said no, "I am the one who conducts the workshop." In the late evening, a British classmate texted me asking me about my evening. I told him the same thing. He asked me, "Did you like the workshop?" I replied, "Yes of course, I was the workshop speaker. lol!!!" "Ohhhhh!" I gues

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