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Fulfilling Public Speaking Training Weekend (13th-15th Oct) in Guangzhou

Last weekend, 13th - 15th October, was made memorable and meaningful because of the eager-to-learn participants in Guangzhou, China. Salute to their learning attitude, unbeatable. May 2017, I did my first workshop, Speak with Musicality, in GZ. But before I stood on the stage, lots of interesting stories - "Susanna Wong, who's she?" Yes, no one knows me. "She looks so young. Can she manage it?" Yes, I LOOK young. ... Perceptions & Perspectives. Love the differences of human. Stay different. I always say. 93 people showed up; 3 of them were standing throughout the whole workshop. Seriously? I saw their flame, I felt their energy, I sensed their power, within - I want to know more! I want

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