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DSE Group Interaction + 1-min Response Intensive (4 May)

DSE Speaking Examination: 10-minute preparation + 8-minute discussion + 1-minute individual response In 20 min, your grade will be determined! To be exact, it will only take 3 minutes. You know why? Come learn the tricks to ace this speaking examination! How to structure your ideas? How to interact with others? How to interrupt them? How to impress with impromptu speaking? How to upgrade your grade with simple techniques? Want to walk out of the exam room with flying colours? Join this 3-hour intensive training! Dates: 4 May (Thu) Time: 10:00am - 1:00pm Fee: $600/person; $450/person (Early Bird before 1 May) ; $350/person (3 people or above) Venue: 1/F, 212 Prince Edward Rd W

Address Your Stress (17 June)

Life is suffocating? Feeling burnt-out? It is not new to us that stress has soared to critical levels and is threatening our physical, mental and emotional health. If we are not careful to identify what is causing our stress and learn new skills to manage it, the consequences can stretch far beyond the present. We proudly present to you a 10-min Powerful Stress Reduction Technique to address your stress! "Address your stress", a workshop by two NLP Trainers. You can check the effectiveness of the technique right on the spot using the equipment bought from the US! If you are skilful enough, a 10-min technique can become a 1-min one! How Bravo! Calming yourself down in the middle of a meet

Parent Interview Workshops (8 Sep & 22 Sep)

Are you frustrated by the Parent Questionnaire you have to fill in during your child's school interview process? Are you anxious if you have answered the parent interview questions right? Are you worried that your answers will affect the interview result? Interviews do not need to be stressful, as long as you prepare beforehand. We are doing two workshops to empower you with essential mindsets, strategies, skills and techniques using very powerful tools from NLP (Neuro-Lingustic Programming) so that you will brilliantly fill in the parent questionnaire and ace your next parent interview. We will focus on most popular questions using a new approach so that you can impress the interviewer

Effective Parent-child Communication: Shape Your Child's Future Communication Competency 22 June

We all know that flexibility is key to success. Whether your child can communicate with people of different kinds is crucial to his/her future. So who holds this key to success? You, parents. Now check the toys or clothes you have bought for your child, are they of certain colours, particular styles, similar textures, etc.? That’s a sign showing that we all have preferred internal representations that affect the way we shape the environment for the child. Internal representations also control the expressions you use when you speak. Your preferred internal representations form your preferred ways of expressing yourself (“language”). Do you know what “language” you are using? Do you know what

Live Life - Solo Travelogue (10 April 2017)

"You are a beautiful soul. I could really sense your genuine desire to seek the important things in life! I was greatly blessed by your sharing. As a truth seeker we're a special breed." I was quite shocked by the above compliment after giving the talk about my solo journey. Very first time someone shared this with me. I wondered what I did during the presentation to get such feedback. To be honest, I quite enjoy sharing how my solo travelogue has changed my life. It's not solely about travelling alone but stepping out of your comfort zone. I always say, my source of excitement is from stepping out of my comfort zone. Have you found your own way of doing so? Thank you for connecting with my

Prepare for the Interview (I) Parent Questionnaire

Requested by two mums who are my great friends, and at the same time shocked by how crazy the school interviews can be after reading loads of relevant documents, I decided to run two workshops on Parent Interviews focusing on not only the skills but more importantly the right mindset. To build the right mindset, we start from self reflection. It's way more important to acknowledge, understand and appreciate SELF. Robert Dilts' Logical Level surely is a powerful tool to help build the right mindset and analyse the whole picture of Parent, Kid and School. I was a bit concerned that participants might not be able to follow the deep concept and do the analysis. With my belief, human potential an

The Floor is Yours - Face the Fear

There are two types of speakers. 1. The nervous and 2. Liars ~ Mark Twain No matter how good you are as a speaker, you face stage fright. Stage fright is something normal. If you understand what exactly stage fright is and how to master and use the "fright", you will rock the stage and surprise yourself. Happy to re-run this workshop for Lingnan University students. I am amazed by how much the younger generation is willing to change and improve themselves. While people like complaining about the millennials, maybe it's time to appreciate the effort and time they have spent well-equipping themselves to be better. I was very impressed by the kids and they are full of potential to shine eve

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