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How to Ace the Interview (II)

What's an unbeatable way to ace an interview? "You can push information out or you can pull them in with story." If not storytelling, it's storytelling. Great writers are great storytellers; great trainers are great storytellers; great teachers are great storytellers... and which successful CEOs are not telling you the power of storytelling? But how? and what exactly is storytelling? Can you tell your life stories in a way that hook the interviewers? hook your customers? hook your boss? hook whoever you want? And the most powerful tool in storytelling is the use of metaphor! I still remember years ago, a candidate impressed me so much by saying "I want to be a Toyota, not a Ferrari." WOW, ok

How to ace an interview (I)

How would you feel when you received an evaluation with overall perfect score? My Halloween this year was made remarkable not only Coz of the educational and entertaining Halloween party I hosted, but also the enjoyable training I conducted and the unbelievable training evaluation score I received right before the party started! First time delivering my newly-designed workshop on mastering job interviews for a group of postgraduates and MBA students from all over the world, mainland, Taiwan, Thailand, Europe, etc, bringing in passion, identity, beliefs and values, something completely different! I was shocked for a few seconds that participants had to complete the training workshop evaluatio

Parent Interview Talk

How would you feel when the workshop/talk organiser told you: - 5 minutes after the promotional email was out, they had received 20 enrolments - the next day, they had over 100 - they needed to change to a bigger venue right away - finally, close to 150 enrolments including video conferencing What else would I feel apart from being extremely excited?! Over 10% of the company's staff would be there for my talk?! How exciting! Feeling absolutely proud! The talk was beautifully done! Close to 150 showed up! Having attracted almost 40 participants to stay behind and further ask me questions, I am sure this group is super hardworking! My greatest pleasure to have got them curious about the topic!

Speak with Musicality in Nanjing

Proud to bring my workshop, Speak with Musicality, to Nanjing last weekend.. Another great opportunity for me to connect, contribute and create changes! The organiser shocked me with this huge poster! Looking at such a big picture of me, what can I say? Unbeatable promotion! No wonder the workshop was almost a full-house one! Am amazed! I am even more amazed by participants' performance! When you witness the changes of their performances, you know the success of your workshop. The best way to learn is to play and to experience the fun of it! With my voice full of musicality and the participants', the workshop ended on a super high note! Most entertaining part is still the McDonald's Game! To

How to Ask Questions?

Kids ask A LOT of questions, why? why not? But adults tend to ask a lot less. Why? When time goes by, we seem to lose the ability to ask the right questions especially when we are talking to our kids. Have you ever experienced that no matter how you re-phrased your questions or how many times you asked the questions, your child just wouldn't respond? But there might be one or two occasions that you asked a questions, and your child shared loads of information with you. Was it by luck? Absolutely not! We need to know how to ask children questions so that we will know more about their life. Most importantly, when they are facing hard times, do we know what questions to ask to break the ice and

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