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Fascinating Training Experience in Barcelona, 16 Dec - 18 Dec 2016

With 3 months of preparation, this extraordinary training trip was finally made possible and successful. Sitting at a cafe by the harbour side in Barcelona sipping my nice cup of coffee, I still can't believe that we did it! This experience didn't come easy but what's easy if you want to live a limitless life? Because of my crazy creativity and the support of two associate trainers, great friends and great partners, Nur Garriga (Barcelona) and Jens Starke (Berlin), LL left some fingerprints and footprints in Spain before the end of 2016. And it's very touching that LL issued the first pile of workshop certificates! What a great milestone! I really appreciate the learning attitude here in Bar

Master the Art of Critical Thinking (7 Jan 2017 Berlin)

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein We all know the term critical thinking, don’t we? But what exactly is it? Why it matters? How to think critically? Are we aware of our thinking barriers? This re-run workshop is the first in the Success Workshop Series featuring hands-on learning with practical exercises and extensive small-group interaction. If you want to get richer perspectives to draw more accurate conclusions and arrive quality decisions, get on board now! Date: 7th Jan 2017 (Saturday) Time: 9:30am -12:45pm Venue: HvH Coaching Etage, Akazienstraße 28 in 10823 Berlin Language: English Course Fee: Priceless - Pa

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