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Effective Presentation Skills Workshop - Berlin

Today, I was happy to kick off 2017 with a workshop on Effective Presentation Skills in Berlin. Love this cultural exchange experience!

The venue was quite interesting and traditional. I felt very sophisticated in the room.

The excitement was even higher when I was told on the spot that the projector couldn't be arranged (they forgot to bring it 😅) ! OMG!!!

An hour of workshop... With no visual... Only me... How awesome! I have certainly proved my value as a trainer by rocking the stage even under such a situation! The workshop was definitely a good demonstration of effective presentation skills!

Thanks for arranging this special workshop with nice turnout, 70% non-Toastmasters people! How interesting! Surely it's an attractive topic!

I stayed for the regular meeting being an evaluator. Might as well, right? It's always interesting to know about different practices. And here with this club, the listener role was very special!

P.S. I love my body language on stage. Hilarious enough!

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