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Toastmasters, what's in it for Susanna Wong?

I am very delighted to be invited to share my Toastmasters/Public speaking journey with the gaveliers in Dubai. The video surely isn't long enough to tell what I have got in the past 3 years! Three years ago, I joined Toastmasters for fun. I never expected that my Toastmasters Journey would be so fruitful. It's not only fun but meaningful coz I have witnessed the changes inside and outside me. In Toastmasters, for every corner you turn, you will find surprises. Come and immerse yourself into the fun of it!

The Floor is Yours: Face the Fear

Happy to have shared with my Professional Trainers members and guests about how to face the fear of public speaking yesterday evening. According to a lot of surveys, the recent one was from Wall Street Journal, death is not our no.1 fear but public speaking. So I was facing the no.1 fear last night. And you know what? I am still alive! The nerves that we felt is indeed an extra energy for us, a sign to show that we are alive! So with this extra energy, what are we going to do if not knocking the socks off the audience? I have shared quite a lot of practical tips that I have been using. I hope at least of one them suits you! Ladies and gentlemen, let's enjoy the fun of making new mistakes! Le

The Floor is Yours - Your Body Speaks

Doing workshops for teenagers is always fun because they are more curious about what you are going to say, everything seems to be rather new to them. And more importantly, they are eager to participate and be part of the fun. Was happy to be invited to share a workshop from my workshop series, The Floor is Yours. I incorporated some drama stage moving strategies there. The effects were obvious. I guess my 6 years of drama teaching wasn't a waste at all! Feedback was certainly very encouraging. The teacher in charge commented, 'it's a very fun workshop and the best I ever attended!' What else could I say apart from 'thank you!'? It's always fulfilling to create, to connect, to contribute and

Success Workshop Series - Master the Art of Soft Skills

Degrees and credentials are important, but what's beyond technical skills? Soft skills, the REAL-world skills. While your hard skills may get your foot in the door, your soft skills are what open most of the doors to come. Traditionally, people don't receive adequate soft skills training at school. Ironically, for some reasons, organizations seem to expect people know how to behave on the job. This 15-hour course featuring hands-on learning with practical exercises and extensive small-group interaction will take you through the journey! Soft skills are what accompany the hard skills! If you want some new perspectives to approach a successful career and life, get on board now! 1. Critical thi

伴侶溝通的竅門 (15 Jan 2017 HK)

人與人之間的溝通本是不容易,更何況是跟另一半?誰不知道感情問題大多源於溝通出現問題,那甚麼是溝通?我們了解自己的溝通程式嗎?我們用的是自己的語言還是另一半的語言?凡事從己出發,先了解自己的溝通程式才跟你的伴侶溝通吧! 日期:2017年1月15日(日) 時間:下午3時45分至5時 地點:THE WAVE, 8/F, 4 HING YIP STREET, KWUN TONG 費用:HKD120 ;HKD160 (即場) 特別折扣:HKD200 (伴侶同行) 語言:廣東話輔以英語 講者:MS Susanna Wong BBA, PGDE, MA Certified Global Master Trainer, Life Coach and Speaker (詳程參閱英文版) 報名: 查詢 : Festive Discount: BUY ONE GET ONE FREE TILL 31 DEC!!!

Secrets to Effective Parent-Child Communication (15 Jan 2017 HK)

“If you speak to children in a language, they understand, that goes to their head. If you speak to them in their language, that goes to their heart.” Do you know what language you are using? Do you realize what messages you are sending? Do you understand what your children are saying? In this workshop, you will get to know the hidden core elements of effective parent-child communication. Time: 15 Jan 2017 (Sunday) Time: 2pm-3:15pm Venue: The Wave, 8/F, 4 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong Course Fee: HKD120 (Single); HKD160 (at the door); Special Discount: HKD200 (Couple); Festive Discount: BUY ONE GET ONE FREE before 6 Jan 2017! Language: Cantonese (supplemented with English) Speaker: Ms S

Secrets to Effective Parent-Child Communication

It's my very first time to conduct a workshop in The University of Science and Technology (UST), such a beautiful campus! I could feel my sense of excitement once I stepped into the room, such a nice big room!!! I love the stage! It's very rewarding and encouraging to see that it's a full-house training workshop with almost 70 staff! Undoubtedly parents care about their children a lot! Very happy that I can share what I have learnt, something practical and helpful, with the participants who were very eager to learn and participate! Such a great success!!! Thanks for all the positive feedback!!! My pleasure to create and contribute more!!! A 15-hour effective parent-child communication course

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