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Great workshops in Hong Kong to kick off 2017

15 January 2017, marked a brilliant start of the year for my company, LL. The first two public workshops in Hong Kong, parent-child communication and couple communication, were successfully held at The Wave, Kwun Tong!

First of all, while I was on the way to the venue, I got a phone call from a former parent asking me if I arrived yet. I was shocked Coz it was still early! Omg, she sent a gift to the venue to support me though she couldn't make it! Unbelievable!! So sweet!!!

Second of all, the venue was beautiful! Very spacious indeed!

Most important of all, I was flattered and honoured to have such a high turnout rate! Full house!!!

Thank you so much for supporting me, my good old friends, former parents, former students, new friends and new clients! Your presence mattered a lot to me and made me proud!

Thank you once again for creating such a beautiful page with me today! Love the active participation in each activity! My deepest pleasure to share something through me!!!

Special thanks should be given to KAIX production house and the boss, Alex Cheung, for your support throughout the way! And of course those who shared my workshop invitations and posters!

My friends, without you all, it wouldn't have been so successful! You guys are the difference that makes the difference!

Thanks for all the compliments! See you all in the next workshop!

And it's time to celebrate over German white wine and cheese!

very well-crafted introduction of our founder!

That's the surprising gift!

very thoughtful after-workshop drink from a friend!

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