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Are you spinning your wheels? You know you need to get out of the stuck state, stay motivated, move forward, be a better you but you just can’t do it. Why? Because making changes in your life needs consistent effort, little by little, step by step. Most importantly someone helps you harness the power of your motivation to create real results and lasting changes. Empowerment life coaching helps you unleash your potential and get back your power to see new possibilities and opportunities to create a fulfilling life that you deserve - increased wealth, better relationships and a healthier body. Are you ready to accelerate your path towards happiness? Here comes a great chance! To promote high-q

Maximize Your Child's Learning Ability 6 July

We all know that being able to use our most suitable learning styles highly increases the efficiency and productivity and more importantly maximizes our learning ability. Some adults find it hard to know their own best learning ways not to mention children. Ironically, children are those who need to take tons of quizzes, tests and examinations. Remember the time you had to recite a poem? Did you do it simply by scanning the words? Or did you need to read it aloud? Or did you need to walk around while memorizing it? Or did you question what the poem was actually about? Or … We all did it in different ways because our internal representations of information control our learning styles. So

Develop Mentoring Competency @ ShenZhen ~ 4 May 2017

A great mentor is a difference-maker because he/she sees the better you in you and helps you get there. Whether you are new or experienced, having a great mentor always makes a difference in your life. Very happy to have conducted an interactive workshop with a group of enthusiastic and fun-loving participants. I am always impressed and surprised by how much participants can produce at the end of the workshop. Participants' inputs are always far more important when you want to produce a better final product. It was an exciting start to see the scene that mentees were so willing to express their needs while mentors were so creative to come up with ways to fulfil them. Participants experienced

Speak in your child's language ~ 29 April 2017

“If you speak to children in a language they understand, that goes to their head. If you speak to them in their language, that goes to their heart.” Do you know what language you are using? Do you realize what messages you are sending? Do you understand what your child/teen is saying? It's my greatest pleasure to be invited as a speaker of this specially arranged seminar for a group of gifted students' parents. Very attentive group indeed. Questions raised by this group of parents were quite different from other groups. Interesting. After all, we are all different, aren't we? Maybe I have been teaching gifted students and so connection between participants and me was quickly built. Happy to

Beat your Belief ~ 28 April 2017

Our beliefs drive our behaviours; our behaviours drive the results. Interestingly is that our beliefs control more than 95% of our behaviours so if you have a lot of empowering beliefs, that's cool; if you have a lot of self-limiting beliefs, that's something to be addressed. I shared a checklist with participants to see if they were controlled by their limiting beliefs hid beyond conscious awareness before the start of the workshop. The scores they got showed that they were at the right place to transform their limiting beliefs to empowering ones. I was very happy for them. I appreciated participants' hard work after a whole day of work. Looking into one's beliefs can be something tiring. P

Tap the Power of Storytelling @ ShenZhen ~ 26 April 2017

This workshop has travelled with me from Hong Kong to Berlin, to Bangkok, back to Hong Kong and now to ShenZhen! But still, I am fine-tuning the workshop. There's always room for improvement! So far... out of hundreds and hundreds of workshop participants, only 1 person could touch upon the key elements of Storytelling. If I remember correctly, he's the Managing Director, Asia-Pacific head of a corporation. I was impressed! A clear sign showing the power of storytelling. Which well-known CEO doesn't know how to story tell? If you want a breakthrough in your career, it's time to learn more about it! Happy to bring the brief ideas to ShenZhen and meet some new friends there! Let's keep spreadi

Cultural Differences when Dating ~ 25 April 2017

Flexibility is key to success because it's common to work with multicultural people. Knowing how to deal with cultural differences is as important as individual differences. And dating with people of different culture and customs can surely broaden our horizon and expand our communication skills, adaptability and acceptance. Happy to share my life experiences, some benefits, challenges and tips with the audience. Indeed, there's no big difference between dating with people of the same nationality. Conflict arises from differences. And we are all unique and different and so conflict is inevitable. It's a matter of how we will deal with it. Tips - Force Flexible Open Receptive Curious Enco

Impress with Impromptu Speaking ~ 23 April

Very happy to be invited to share this workshop with a group of Elite students and parents. It's quite interesting to see how attentive the parents were and how busy they were jotting down notes. I am sure they will re-teach their children later :p Once again, it proves that soft skills are transferrable and apply to all ages. The kids applied the skills brilliantly and a huge difference was shown before and after using the skills I shared. More importantly was that, with the skills and structure learnt, participants were a lot more confident to express themselves in front of the audience! The speaking anxiety level has definitely been lowered! Kids these days are super smart. They simply ne

Prepare for the Interview (II) - Parent-interview Skills ~ 21 April 2017

Doing a 2-hour intensive training of most essential interview skills was quite a big challenge but the workshop was beautifully conducted with a group of interesting parents. It's a workshop full of laughter! And when you can tell the differences between those who have attended workshop (I) and those who haven't, you know the effectiveness of the workshop. I shared one of my expertise, storytelling. Which successful CEO isn't a great storyteller? But what is storytelling? Very happy to clarify the core element of storytelling and incorporate the skills into interview skills. Participants practised the skills right away! From the picture, you can tell how practical and fun the workshop was. H

English Excellence through Stimulation and Experiential Learning @ CUHK

Excited to launch my new programme, a 15-hour programme for a group of gifted students! My 3rd course written for the Program for the gifted and talented in CUHK. 3 hours per lesson, and no one ever asked for a break. Can you believe it? Because they are too busy having fun and learning at the same time. So now, 3 lessons have been conducted. Things that surprised me but kinda expected maybe. 1. They did research and looked for further references themselves automatically. 2. They used their phones (one even brought his macbook) but for the tasks. 3. They engaged themselves in active discussions, negotiated with another team, came up with missing documents, asked for agreements, built thei

Treasure Hunting in Toastmasters in Macau ~ 19 April 2017

I did a workshop in Macau about how to be a visionary leader last year. Never expected I would go back to share my treasure hunting experience with the mission to attract new members to join Toastmasters and motivate existing members to unleash their potential. Well, more than happy to do that even I had to travel all the way from GZ to Macau, coz I am really not sure how much Toastmasters has affected my life. I have been a confident speaker, yes. But without Toastmasters will I be as confident as now? I always feel comfortable on stage coz half of my life time I have been on stage, but will I be as comfortable as I feel now? Without this journey, will I quit my job and start my own company

Speak with Musicality in Guangzhou ~ 18 April 2017

English is a language with great Musicality if you free yourself to enjoy the great melody produced by all the English sounds. I came up with this topic coz quite a lot of my friends, especially foreigners, said that I speak like singing. I guess there must be a strong reason why people of different nationalities said the same thing about me. Well, it's a good idea just to embrace it. Plus I like singing. I was a good singer :) Given 90 minutes to conduct a workshop on musicality was an excellent present! Without knowing what a trainer I am, without attending any of my workshops, without even listening to my voice, the organizer dared to give me such a long workshop, I admire his courage. In

Impress with Impromptu Speaking in WuHan ~ 15 April 2017

Apart from being able to share something through me, one bonus of doing workshops in another city is that you get to know more people from different backgrounds. It's always good to explore and experience something new. Happy to see that my workshop has attracted around 30 people to come. I was quite surprised to know that people in WuHan speak quite good English. Undoubtedly, they have spent a lot of time and effort sharpening their English speaking skills. I was very impressed by their Public Speaking Skills Impromptu speaking constitutes more than 85 % of our daily conversation. If we can master it well, we can surely impress people in different occasions, in particularly interviews and i

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