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Conflict Resolution Skills Workshop

Conflict originates from differences; different beliefs, values, interests, needs, wants, opinions, backgrounds, ..., just too many.

Who on earth is exactly the same? No one.

From traditional point of view, conflict is harmful and must be avoided and that's why there were a lot of wars; from human relations point of view, conflict is natural and inevitable; from integrationists point of view, conflict is a positive force and it's absolutely necessary if we want to increase the performance of the team.

I take the integrationists point of view and that's why I always welcome conflict.

Albert Einstein said, "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."

Bruce Lee said, "In the middle of chaos lies opportunity."

Susanna Wong said, "In the middle of conflict lies opportunity."

Imagine if you could turn every conflict into opportunity, how many more opportunities could you get? Uncountable.

Turning conflict to opportunities is made possible by first understanding how we usually handle conflict and then expanding our modes of handling it.

Yesterday I shared a very easy-to-understand and powerful model explaining different conflict-handling modes. Raising self-awareness is always the first step.

What's your preferred conflict-handling modes? It's time learn to tune to different modes based on the situations!

"Notice not only what's happening around you, but more importantly what's happening within you." ~ SW

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