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Emotional Intelligence Workshop

"How classy it is to stay calm when people expect you to drop a bomb?" ~ Susanna Wong

With this classy quote and a story, my very thought-provoking workshop about Emotional Intelligence started.

IQ+EQ = SUCCESS isn't a new equation to any of us but still EQ isn't a topic that most people are familiar with. How well can you master our emotions?

Participants were guided to explore the foundational principles of Emotional Intelligence, the importance of it, the characteristics of high EQ leaders and of course the ways to improve their Emotional Intelligence in the luncheon workshop today.

As I always say, the more familiar we are with some terms, the less likely we really know what exactly they are. I am happy to see the active participation in all the discussions in the workshop. And I was surprised by the attentiveness while I was explaining some important theories and concepts.

Goleman is an expert in Emotional Intelligence. I have a few of his books. According to him, Emotional Intelligence consists of the 4 major elements, Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness and Social Management. Which one do you think is most critical?

The workshop was beautifully concluded with my another quote,

"Notice not only what's around you, more importantly what's within you." ~ Susanna Wong

P.S. Amazing view in the workshop venue!

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