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NLPU Trainer & Consultancy Certification 美國NLP大學NLP培訓師及顧問認證課程

CANTONESE √ Robert DILTS/NLPU accredited DILTS/NLPU Trainer and Consultancy Certification August 4 – 16 !

廣東話 √ Robert DILTS / NLPU Accredited DILTS/ NLPU 培訓師和顧問認證課程 8 月 4 日至 16 日開課!

NLPU Master Trainer Susanna Wong Facilitates an ONLINE group in Cantonese.

NLPU 大師級培訓師 Susanna Wong 以廣東話輔助教學在線小組。

  • Simultaneous translation for all live Zoom sessions.

  • 所有Zoom課堂即時同聲翻譯。

  • Participants will access Robert's 30 ©2022 NLP Trainer and Consultancy teaching videos;

  • 學員可收看30個 Robert's ©2022 NLP培訓師及顧問錄製教學視頻。

  • Susanna will teach them in Cantonese.

  • Susanna 會用廣東話輔助教學。

  • Tuition: $4,000 includes extended Facilitation thru October for accredited DILTS/NLPU Trainer Certification.

  • 學費:美元 4,000 包括 Accredited DILTS/NLPU 線上培訓師認證課程及延長至10 月的線上輔助教學。

  • Prerequisite: Master Practitioner Certification from any legitimate NLP Institute.

  • 學員必須是被任何認可的NLP機構認證的NLP高級執行師。

Contact Susanna for details 聯繫 Susanna 了解詳情:; Whatsapp: +17142931864; Wechat: Kingoh64

For more information, please visit



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