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Master the Art of Critical Thinking - Berlin

Snow snow snow...

Snow is getting heavy outside but that doesn't affect the excitement flowing though my body!

Sitting in the armchair, I am still amazed by the active participation in the workshop, Master the Art of Critical Thinking, this morning.

It's a 3-hour workshop but no one (including us, the trainers) seemed to notice time went by so fast! The energy level of everyone was high enough to melt the snow outside!

Love the facts that participants

- were attracted by the topic;

- jotted down notes throughout the workshop;

- were so engaged in all the different activities;

- created a lively and relaxing learning atmosphere;

- were very eager to ask challenging questions (I guess I always encourage people to challenge me, that's why 😅);

- and many more

Very happy to work with our Associate Trainer, Jens Starke. I like the slide with your 'head'! Check it out!

Even happier when the boss changed from 'I might stay there for a while' to staying from the beginning till the end, fully participating! And... Took a group picture for us! Thank you!

Happiest of all, some people came because they were impressed by my workshop earlier this week! WOW!

Proud of my first batch of European critical thinking workshop participants! You guys rock! Some even said they would bring the workshop back to their companies! Smart! Thanks for giving me such an enjoyable training experience!

Remember the 4S and Red!

See you all soon! Maybe in Hong Kong? 😁

P.S I love my body language!!! So entertaining 😂

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