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Beat your Belief ~ 28 April 2017

Our beliefs drive our behaviours; our behaviours drive the results.

Interestingly is that our beliefs control more than 95% of our behaviours so if you have a lot of empowering beliefs, that's cool; if you have a lot of self-limiting beliefs, that's something to be addressed.

I shared a checklist with participants to see if they were controlled by their limiting beliefs hid beyond conscious awareness before the start of the workshop. The scores they got showed that they were at the right place to transform their limiting beliefs to empowering ones. I was very happy for them.

I appreciated participants' hard work after a whole day of work. Looking into one's beliefs can be something tiring. Plus it's not easy to identity one's limiting beliefs either. Happy that participants spent 2 hours getting closer to their inner self and self-ran the transformation process through the procedures I designed.

I also shared the 3 different types of beliefs so that participants will be more aware of what's going on in their mined even after the workshop. Changes always start with noticing.

For changes to happen, for my 6-step belief change to happen, you will need to believe in the following 3 beliefs:

1. Responsibility for change rests in my hands… 2. Change happens instantly when I’m committed... 3. Things must change now...

Happy to see participants came up with something on their own and I am looking forward to seeing the differences.

P.S. I really like the venue! And I will re-run the workshop again but it's gonna be 3 hours.

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