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Speak in your child's language ~ 29 April 2017

“If you speak to children in a language they understand, that goes to their head. If you speak to them in their language, that goes to their heart.”

Do you know what language you are using? Do you realize what messages you are sending? Do you understand what your child/teen is saying?

It's my greatest pleasure to be invited as a speaker of this specially arranged seminar for a group of gifted students' parents. Very attentive group indeed. Questions raised by this group of parents were quite different from other groups. Interesting. After all, we are all different, aren't we?

Maybe I have been teaching gifted students and so connection between participants and me was quickly built. Happy to see engaged and enthusiastic faces.

I re-stated the core element of communication, shared practical strategies and encouraged parents to put them into practice right away! From the activities I designed for them, it clearly showed that this group of parents mastered the skills very well!

The highlight of the workshop was definitely doing the written assessment and cross-checking if the result was right! It's always important to start from SELF before we can bring changes to others.

Very happy to see the differences on the spot. Even happier was that some parents approached and asked if I shared this concept with other institutions and organisations.

I hope I can establish more connections so that I can share this powerful tool through me.

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