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Tap the Power of Storytelling @ ShenZhen ~ 26 April 2017

This workshop has travelled with me from Hong Kong to Berlin, to Bangkok, back to Hong Kong and now to ShenZhen! But still, I am fine-tuning the workshop. There's always room for improvement!

So far... out of hundreds and hundreds of workshop participants, only 1 person could touch upon the key elements of Storytelling. If I remember correctly, he's the Managing Director, Asia-Pacific head of a corporation. I was impressed! A clear sign showing the power of storytelling.

Which well-known CEO doesn't know how to story tell?

If you want a breakthrough in your career, it's time to learn more about it!

Happy to bring the brief ideas to ShenZhen and meet some new friends there!

Let's keep spreading the importance of storytelling!

And you know what, parents and teachers, to sustain the attention of the kids, to better build connections, to better instil all sorts of knowledge, etc, storytelling skills are crucial! It's time to take a closer look at this area!

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