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12 May - Learn the Language; Beat the Barrier & 23 May - Read Your Child's Internal Strategi

My greatest pleasure to conduct training workshops for the same school for the 2nd and 3rd time to different audience groups and of different topics.

Amazed by how curious the students were towards the topic, communication. The earlier they know about it, certainly the better. One high school student even asked if it's okay to give the assessment to his girlfriend. Well, sure!

Happy to see students taking pictures of my slides and fully engaged in the self-discovery journey. Once again, when kids' highest personal value is Pleasure and lowest is competition, what does that imply?

I always like people throwing me challenging question and parents from this school never disappoint. Lots of questions about how to coach their kid to be better. I am sure Parent-child coaching is a good workshop to conduct next.

Reading internal strategies is never easy. Practice makes perfect and noticing is always the first step. I am sure both parents and kids will benefit from the effort of changing and trying.

"Notice not only what's around you but more importantly what's within you." ~ SW

Looking forward to planning a more long-term schedule with the organiser when summer break ends!

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