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17 June - Address Your Stress

The first time I read about this stress-release technique I got hooked already because it doesn't only shift our mood instantly but also increase our productivity! What's more is that it helps us achieve psychophysiological coherent state! Well, in short, better well-being!

It's interesting that no matter how familiar we are with the term stress, we don't really know how to define it. Happy to go through a bit more about stress with the participants and highlight how different we are compared to other ways to release stress.

The equipment we bought from the US definitely helped us give a better picture about what's going on in our body while we were experiencing different emotions. It's kinda fun to analyse those figures!

Busy as us, it's not easy to shift our focus from our cognitive mind to our heart but that's why we need to give it a try and practise more! Happy to launch the model, I FEEL GOOD! I hope we all will start collecting our happy moments to build more resources to feel good!

Always great to work with another trainer to create a different training field. Thanks for all the feedback and we will fine-tune the workshop and run it again soon! I hope more people will be aware of the importance of addressing our stress!

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