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18 May - Impress with Impromptu Speaking @ GZ

I don't remember how many times I have re-run this workshop but it's my first time doing a workshop for 3 corporate clubs with one on the video conferencing and it's a full 1-hour session!

It's fun to interact with 3 clubs at the same time especially the one on the screen. Full-house!!! I think there were around 40-50 people? Thanks for this special arrangement. It's such a surprise!

Happy to see the differences of participants' performances before and after the training workshop. The magic of the tips! I know some other GZ members were disappointed that they couldn't join this in-house workshop. I will be back soon 💪🏻

Do you know how to start an impromptu speech? How to structure it? How to end it with a bang? Impromptu speaking skills are just too importantly in our life. Master one or two can surely benefit you in general. Want to know more? Join us next time!

Thanks for the flower after the workshop! Beautiful!

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