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Parent Interview Talk

How would you feel when the workshop/talk organiser told you:

- 5 minutes after the promotional email was out, they had received 20 enrolments

- the next day, they had over 100

- they needed to change to a bigger venue right away

- finally, close to 150 enrolments including video conferencing

What else would I feel apart from being extremely excited?! Over 10% of the company's staff would be there for my talk?! How exciting! Feeling absolutely proud!

The talk was beautifully done! Close to 150 showed up! Having attracted almost 40 participants to stay behind and further ask me questions, I am sure this group is super hardworking! My greatest pleasure to have got them curious about the topic!

What's more rewarding than sharing what I know to make a difference? Amazed by my own creativity when it comes to workshop and talk designs!

Thank you for creating memorable moments with me! It's such an enjoyable talk!

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