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How to Ace the Interview (II)

What's an unbeatable way to ace an interview?

"You can push information out or you can pull them in with story."

If not storytelling, it's storytelling. Great writers are great storytellers; great trainers are great storytellers; great teachers are great storytellers... and which successful CEOs are not telling you the power of storytelling?

But how? and what exactly is storytelling? Can you tell your life stories in a way that hook the interviewers? hook your customers? hook your boss? hook whoever you want?

And the most powerful tool in storytelling is the use of metaphor! I still remember years ago, a candidate impressed me so much by saying "I want to be a Toyota, not a Ferrari." WOW, okay you got my attention right away!

Happy to share how to find your own metaphors using some simple NLP tools and some unbeatable patterns to hook your audience. It's so fun!

What's your metaphor?

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