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How to ace an interview (I)

How would you feel when you received an evaluation with overall perfect score?

My Halloween this year was made remarkable not only Coz of the educational and entertaining Halloween party I hosted, but also the enjoyable training I conducted and the unbelievable training evaluation score I received right before the party started!

First time delivering my newly-designed workshop on mastering job interviews for a group of postgraduates and MBA students from all over the world, mainland, Taiwan, Thailand, Europe, etc, bringing in passion, identity, beliefs and values, something completely different!

I was shocked for a few seconds that participants had to complete the training workshop evaluation right on the spot! Oh well, efficient enough I guess. A good practice I reckon.

Half an hour later, the organiser sent me the result - out of forty something participants, the overall score is 5 out of 5!!! OMG PERFECT Score!!! Unbelievable!

Thanks should be given to the organiser for being so bold and different, dare to try something out of the norm! See you guys again in two weeks! Session 2!!! Yeah!!!

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