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Speak with Musicality in Nanjing

Proud to bring my workshop, Speak with Musicality, to Nanjing last weekend.. Another great opportunity for me to connect, contribute and create changes!

The organiser shocked me with this huge poster! Looking at such a big picture of me, what can I say? Unbeatable promotion! No wonder the workshop was almost a full-house one! Am amazed!

I am even more amazed by participants' performance! When you witness the changes of their performances, you know the success of your workshop. The best way to learn is to play and to experience the fun of it!

With my voice full of musicality and the participants', the workshop ended on a super high note! Most entertaining part is still the McDonald's Game! Too funny to be true!

Thanks for the great shows! Thanks for all the cheering and applause! You guys made me feel like a pop star! See you guys soon!

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