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Better Me Better Team Part 2 - July 9

"Knowing how to move forward is important; knowing what's holding you back is even more important." I highlighted in the workshop.

One must be familiar with the qualities of an outstanding sport player. How can you further unleash the potential of those who are already performing so well?

High Performance Coaching.

Human potential and talent is unlimited, I always believe so. Once again, participants of this training workshop have proved it right.

It's so encouraging when you saw the team open up themselves, beat their self-limiting belief and then move even further ahead. It's so touching when you saw them hugging to share their joy of having found their team direction. It's even more touching when you saw some tearing showing appreciation towards themselves and their beloved ones... and much more.

Efforts paid off.

Happy to have come up with this Performance Excellence series -part 2 that enabled the participants to beat their belief, build the empowering one, set their confidence anchor and finally release their stress getting them ready for the upcoming big tournament.

Group belief change - brilliantly done

Group confidence anchor - fascinatingly done

Group stress release - relaxingly done

I hope I can further expand this Performance Excellence Series to more excellent performers!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we never know how much we can achieve and how far we can go!

The Power of Coaching; The Power of Mind; The Power of Self

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