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Impress with Impromptu Speaking ~ 23 April

Very happy to be invited to share this workshop with a group of Elite students and parents. It's quite interesting to see how attentive the parents were and how busy they were jotting down notes. I am sure they will re-teach their children later :p

Once again, it proves that soft skills are transferrable and apply to all ages. The kids applied the skills brilliantly and a huge difference was shown before and after using the skills I shared.

More importantly was that, with the skills and structure learnt, participants were a lot more confident to express themselves in front of the audience! The speaking anxiety level has definitely been lowered!

Kids these days are super smart. They simply need the right pointers so that they can shine on stage! Parents like sending their kids here and there to learn, indeed, who's the best person to teach them? We don't teach by words, but our acts.

Parents, maybe it's time to pick up public speaking and demonstrate to your kids what it means by determination, never give up, perseverance, ,etc. Let's be role models for the younger ones!

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