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Treasure Hunting in Toastmasters in Macau ~ 19 April 2017

I did a workshop in Macau about how to be a visionary leader last year. Never expected I would go back to share my treasure hunting experience with the mission to attract new members to join Toastmasters and motivate existing members to unleash their potential.

Well, more than happy to do that even I had to travel all the way from GZ to Macau, coz I am really not sure how much Toastmasters has affected my life.

I have been a confident speaker, yes. But without Toastmasters will I be as confident as now?

I always feel comfortable on stage coz half of my life time I have been on stage, but will I be as comfortable as I feel now?

Without this journey, will I quit my job and start my own company? I am not really sure... Every experience in our life shapes who we are right now.

And Toastmasters isn't only about public speaking... that's just so much more. It really depends how much treasure you can hunt there. What treasure have you hunted in your life journey?

I found it quite funny when I noticed that I changed from just being a new member end of 2013, to while travelling overseas, I attended meetings overseas in 2014, asked for a facilitating role in 2015, requested being a speaker in 2016, and conducted workshops in 2017... haha... What a lady! I love my craziness!

It's a great opportunities for me to review my changes in the past 3.5 years. To be honest, it's quite shocking. I guess I just love stepping out of my comfort zone and see how much I can get and how far I can go. And through doing it, I can make a difference. Why not? Maybe it's time for you to review your changes as well?

Be the change you want to see.

Anyone wants to listen to my journey? Let me know :p

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