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Speak with Musicality in Guangzhou ~ 18 April 2017

English is a language with great Musicality if you free yourself to enjoy the great melody produced by all the English sounds.

I came up with this topic coz quite a lot of my friends, especially foreigners, said that I speak like singing. I guess there must be a strong reason why people of different nationalities said the same thing about me. Well, it's a good idea just to embrace it. Plus I like singing. I was a good singer :)

Given 90 minutes to conduct a workshop on musicality was an excellent present! Without knowing what a trainer I am, without attending any of my workshops, without even listening to my voice, the organizer dared to give me such a long workshop, I admire his courage.

In Guangzhou, no one really knew me except one or two great friends. Being able to attract almost 100 participants (to be exact, it's 93) was a record. I still find this quite unbelievable. Thanks should be given to the marketing team there. I am sure the topic itself is really attractive.

I redefined Vocal Variety. Most people know the term vocal variety, but what exactly is it? Most people like evaluating others by saying you need to increase/improve your vocal variety (Well, my teachers said the same), without making concrete suggestions on what aspect/area of vocal variety has to be improved. I am sure the participants later on will give brilliant suggestions for others. Let's keep sharing something concrete so that we all can grow and learn and be our best.

My 5P approach has created a great success. 90 minutes seemed to be too short coz the participants didn't want to leave at all. Conducting highly interactive workshops is always possible when we give enough preparation and planning.

The workshop was full of climaxes. Super high energy throughout. Participants rocked the stage by putting the techniques into practice right away! How brave and bravo they were!

Overwhelmed by all the too-good-to-be-true compliments. The whole experience felt like a dream. Thanks for those who were standing to attend the whole workshop ... a remarkable piece of memory for me.

I want to re-run this workshop in different cities ... let's keep sharing what we are passionate about to make a difference.

P.S. I love my ending quote a lot. Shall we sing together?

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