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Impress with Impromptu Speaking in WuHan ~ 15 April 2017

Apart from being able to share something through me, one bonus of doing workshops in another city is that you get to know more people from different backgrounds. It's always good to explore and experience something new.

Happy to see that my workshop has attracted around 30 people to come. I was quite surprised to know that people in WuHan speak quite good English. Undoubtedly, they have spent a lot of time and effort sharpening their English speaking skills. I was very impressed by their Public Speaking Skills

Impromptu speaking constitutes more than 85 % of our daily conversation. If we can master it well, we can surely impress people in different occasions, in particularly interviews and important social activities.

I redefined impromptu speaking and shared a core element of it that most people might have neglected, 3 techniques on how to start the impromptu speaking to capture people's attention and at the same time 3 practical ways to structure the main idea/body. Ending? Maybe next time. Workshop participants had to put what they learnt into practice right way. And of course, the difference was obvious and they all rocked the stage.

Always love the way I conduct workshops. Practical enough.

See you guys soon coz I like Wuhan, a great city to visit! If you haven't been there before, plan your next trip there!

P.S. A day after the workshop, one participant shared with me that she got a prize in a contest by using the skills I shared. WOW. Smart lady! A super quick learner!

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