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Live Life - Solo Travelogue (10 April 2017)

"You are a beautiful soul. I could really sense your genuine desire to seek the important things in life! I was greatly blessed by your sharing. As a truth seeker we're a special breed."

I was quite shocked by the above compliment after giving the talk about my solo journey. Very first time someone shared this with me. I wondered what I did during the presentation to get such feedback.

To be honest, I quite enjoy sharing how my solo travelogue has changed my life. It's not solely about travelling alone but stepping out of your comfort zone. I always say, my source of excitement is from stepping out of my comfort zone. Have you found your own way of doing so?

Thank you for connecting with my soul! Very encouraging indeed. I will keep sharing my beautiful soul with others and stay different! Let's keep creating moments!

Some said life is about finding yourself... Some said life is about creating yourself... Which one do you believe?

Looking forward to the next invitation!

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