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Prepare for the Interview (I) Parent Questionnaire

Requested by two mums who are my great friends, and at the same time shocked by how crazy the school interviews can be after reading loads of relevant documents, I decided to run two workshops on Parent Interviews focusing on not only the skills but more importantly the right mindset.

To build the right mindset, we start from self reflection. It's way more important to acknowledge, understand and appreciate SELF. Robert Dilts' Logical Level surely is a powerful tool to help build the right mindset and analyse the whole picture of Parent, Kid and School.

I was a bit concerned that participants might not be able to follow the deep concept and do the analysis. With my belief, human potential and talent is unlimited, I put a strong faith in the participants. And they surprised not only me but also themselves.

I am very proud to say that the workshop was very inspiring and thought-provoking and of course very successful. In just 1 hour right after the workshop late last night, I got 5 new registrations for Workshop (2). And this morning, I got another 5.

I have faith... there are still people out there who want more than just fast-food, who want food that lingers on their tongue and their mind.

Thanks for all the great compliments! My pleasure to create changes through me! Be the difference that makes the difference!

Always remember the ending quote of my workshop - "Be so good they can't ignore you!" Let's all do that, shall we?

See you all again on 21 April!

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