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The Floor is Yours - Face the Fear

There are two types of speakers. 1. The nervous and 2. Liars ~ Mark Twain

No matter how good you are as a speaker, you face stage fright. Stage fright is something normal. If you understand what exactly stage fright is and how to master and use the "fright", you will rock the stage and surprise yourself.

Happy to re-run this workshop for Lingnan University students. I am amazed by how much the younger generation is willing to change and improve themselves. While people like complaining about the millennials, maybe it's time to appreciate the effort and time they have spent well-equipping themselves to be better.

I was very impressed by the kids and they are full of potential to shine even brighter. I am sure my workshop has given them a clear idea how stage fright can indeed give us extra energy so that we feel even more alive! The 12 tips at different stages of mastering stage fright can surely enable them to excel on stage!

Remember, "There's no failure, only feedback!" Fire your confidence anchor and rock the stage!

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