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Parent Interview Workshop

It's definitely not easy to be a parent in Hong Hong. If you are a parent, you definitely know what I mean.

The original idea was just to share what I observed in the past many years as a teacher interviewer to ease the worries of parents and to create some fun together in a short 45-min talk.

Never expected that the signing up was full a few days after the poster was out. I had no choice... under so much pressure of the many parents' requests, I organized an extra session at 9:30am. Never expected that this early morning session was fully signed up as well.

Interesting... something new to me.

45 minutes, can't do much.. I can only do my best. Some parents been jotting down notes throughout the whole workshop! Very hardworking students... for their kids... how lucky their kids are.

You know what? Even it's just 45 min, I introduced the power of our unconscious mind! Well, the key to success!

I am not sure how much I can do but more than happy to share what I know. Plus... I can't wait to share the power of the logical level in the upcoming two workshops for parent interviews.

Thanks for agreeing with me that to ace the interview, we first have to start from SELF.

Let me launch the power of logical level in an interesting context! Parent interviews!

Please help share the workshop information! Salute to Robert Dilts' Logical Level!

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