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'FBI' Read Your Mind Workshop

My first batch of 'FBI' has been officially trained! Watch out! lol

Our eye ball movements give us a good picture of our mind. "Eyes are the windows to the soul." How true!

2-hour intensive training... tough I know. But I got a group of smart participants! I guess if I redo it, it's better to do a 3-hour one. Once again, loads of questions from the floor! I start to wonder... I guess the field around me has created a field to the participants that I welcome them to ask and question me. How fun!

The highlights of the workshop definitely were the live demonstrations. Thanks for all the successful live demonstrations! Super entertaining!

To improve communication isn't something easy but I am sure if we put the skills into practice, we can build rapport and relationships with others in a better way.

Thanks for the fun workshop! Let's keep using our 'FBI' eyes!

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