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Training Week in Bangkok (Effective Parenting, Women Empowerment & Public Speaking)

Bangkok is known to be an attractive destination where you can spend a few days indulging yourself in all sorts of massage and spa, all kinds of delicious food, all scales of shopping malls... I went there in 2013 and I was surprised by how fun the place could be.

Never thought I would go back to conduct trainings.

In this trip, I was excited to bring my effective parent-child communication programme there. Incorporating with hypnotherapy, the whole workshop looked interestingly engaging. With another amazing trainer, a hypnotherapist, the two sessions of workshops to mums from all walks of life created a great impact! And same as the other mums, they asked when we would do the next workshop... (I am not quite sure lol) I have to say, the mums in Bangkok are really active! LOADS of questions to ask us! How nice!

I certainly learnt a lot about hypnotherapy during this trip. Another very powerful tool to unlock our unconscious mind to create changes.

Another highlight of the trip was definitely the workshop for a group of women entrepreneurs. March is the month of Women. As women, we definitely are more than happy to do something to empower them! Happy to launch my 4-step to eliminate self-limiting belief in public. A very powerful coaching pattern indeed! Will certainly re-run the programme in Hong Kong.

Without doing a workshop on Public Speaking, my trip would not have been complete! "Present your Presence and Power" received super great feedback and I got invitations to re-do the workshop in some other organisations right after I finished it. Unfortunately, I had to fly back to Hong Kong. Next time!

It's an fruitful training week. Met a lot of awesome people and felt content to share something to create changes through me. Definitely an eye-opening experience. What's better than knowing more about different cultures and lifestyles?

Let's keep creating moments! LL spirit!

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