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Effective Parent-child communication - Speak in your children's language

This workshop has been a popular one not only for Chinese parents but also for western. Or to be exact, it attracts westerners more.

Being able to communicate effectively is always a challenge particularly for parents because they care a lot about their children's development and growth. And at the same time ineffective communication definitely can create quite some problems.

Very happy to share this interesting concept with a group of German-Swiss parents in a very nice venue early this month. So far, the best group of participants! It's all because they were very open-minded and willing to share their problems and accept the new ways.

I love their questioning throughout the workshop. Feeling amazed by how active mums can be! And how curious they are towards the topic!

To be the change you want to see if you want to see changes in your kids. They like this concept very much.

It's certainly very rewarding when the participants kept asking you when's the next one? And interestingly was that they said their kids and kids' teachers should attend this workshop as well!

Thanks for giving me such a great encouragement. And yes, see you all again soon in May! Love this group of mums who are hungry for more knowledge!

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