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Leadership Excellence - Giving Effective Feedback

Feedback is the breakfast of champions” Ken Blanchard

Healthy breakfast builds stronger body and mind; effective feedback builds better performance and relationships.

It's common for workshops to highlight giving negative feedback positively but what's more direct and effective than giving positive feedback to reinforce preferred behaviours?

I was very excited to launch my BEFM model on how to give effective feedback to an energetic group who almost didn't want to stop giving feedback during the play time. How funny!

That's the power of giving positive feedback!

Happy to share the Fish approach from NLPU as well! Transformation is immediate! The positive field created in the room was unstoppable! Love the magical line,

'How did you do that?'

Why don't we create a positively reinforcing environment so that we all can feel motivated and be who we are!

Corrective or reinforcing? Your choice!

'Catch people doing something right.' Love it!

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