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Effective Parenting - Connect to Communicate (Bangkok 15 & 18 Mar)

“If you speak to children in a language they understand, that goes to their head. If you speak to them in their language, that goes to their heart.”

Parenting appears to be complex. And it's complexity appears to increase when you are consciously trying to communicate and build your rapport with your child. And this challenge only magnifies as your child grows. But do you know that you as a parent have a unique advantage? If only you could access that area of communication, the subconscious mind, parenting and communication with your child would be what it is, Simple. This workshop will help you understand just this and more. You will understand the working of the mind, stages of child development, the language pattern you are using and that of your child and help you decode your message. By connecting with your child at the subconscious level, you will be equipped to communicate seamlessly with your child. Objectives of the workshop: At the end of the workshop, participants will be more aware of theory of the mind, the stages of child development, the role of parent child communication, understand their own ‘language’ and speak in their child/teen’s ‘language’. Major Focuses of the workshop: - Theory of the Mind - The stages of child development - The Communication model - The characteristics of different internal representations - How to read your child/teen’s internal representations - How to speak in your child/teen’s 'language' - How to develop your child/teen’s internal representations - Other hidden core elements of communication Special Features of the workshop: - Interactive activities - Preferred internal representation assessment - Live demonstration - Practical exercise Speakers: Priya Gururaj (Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner) Susanna Wong (Certified Global NLP Master Trainer, Life Coach and Speaker) Dates: 15 March (Wed) 10am - 1pm; 18 March (Sat) 2pm - 5pm Fee: THB1800 (Original) -->NOW THB 800 (Single) Special Discount: THB 600 (Early Bird before 6 March); THB 1000 (Couple) Language: English

Registration: Enquiries: Payment Method: To be sent via email Speaker Profiles: Priya Gururaj Priya is a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner. Being a part of the John Maxwell team, she has been mentored by Dr. John Maxwell, rated as the number one expert in Leadership and Personal Growth and his team of world class teachers. She specializes in conducting mastermind group studies and workshops, and coaching individuals to apply the profound knowledge derived from Dr. John Maxwell’s learning systems on leadership, communication and personal growth. Her background in Corporate Human Resources gives her the unique advantage of understanding the challenges individuals experience today. By combining Hypnotherapy and NLP, she helps individuals break free from their limiting beliefs and reach out to realize their inner potential. Susanna Wong BBA, PGDE, MA Susanna is a Certified Global Master Trainer, Life Coach and Speaker. She is a Master Trainer of NLP, having obtained her certification from the very prestigious NLPU, Santa Cruz and mentored by two of the pioneers in the field of NLP, Dr. Robert Dilts and Judith DeLozier. She specializes in conducting workshops and coaching individuals by incorporating the wide spectrum of tools and practical techniques of NLP researched over the years by Dr. Robert Dilts and Judith DeLozier. Using her rich background of over 15 years of English teaching and tutoring, she helps individuals reach out to live life to their fullest, just as she has modelled this for herself. With her extensive overseas studying, traveling and training experiences, she has developed highly versatile and flexible approaches to understand the learning interests and needs of individuals.

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