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Walk the World

Walk the World - my first-ever contest speech

Delighted to have the chance to be a demo speaker earlier this week. It's interesting to recap your life journey - everything seemed to be impossible before appeared to be nothing challenging. Funny isn't it?

"Life is full of the expected and the unexpected." ~ SW

Never expected I would join Toastmasters.

Never expected I would join any speech contests in my life.

Never expected I would get 1st runner up in the very first contest.

Never expected I could come up with a speech based on my walking around the world experience.

Never expected I could be so crazy dragging a suitcase on stage.

Never expected joining contests could be that fun and rewarding.

Never expected that I would redo the speech again with my first-ever Samsonite as a demo.

Never expected ...

Life is always full of surprises, isn't it? Who knows what's next? i just know for every step I walk, I pick up a jewel.

I learn from stepping out of my comfort zone; I shine from seeing the unseen; I grow from discovering the less discovered; I am transformed from embracing and experiencing the unexpected; I ...

"I don't know... I am curious to find out." Robert Dilts' favourite line. lol.

Whatever lifestyle your are living, join my journey - see the unseen, discover the undiscovered, expect the unexpected!

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