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Fascinating Training Experience in Barcelona, 16 Dec - 18 Dec 2016

With 3 months of preparation, this extraordinary training trip was finally made possible and successful.

Sitting at a cafe by the harbour side in Barcelona sipping my nice cup of coffee, I still can't believe that we did it!

This experience didn't come easy but what's easy if you want to live a limitless life?

Because of my crazy creativity and the support of two associate trainers, great friends and great partners, Nur Garriga (Barcelona) and Jens Starke (Berlin), LL left some fingerprints and footprints in Spain before the end of 2016. And it's very touching that LL issued the first pile of workshop certificates! What a great milestone!

I really appreciate the learning attitude here in Barcelona. I still remember vividly the eagerness in the sparkling eyes of the audience in both workshops, Effective Presentation Skills with NLP and An Encounter with Self. What's better than having attentive and engaging audience? It's a great pleasure to be on stage!

The Hero's journey workshop was definitely a breakthrough for me both personally and professionally. But all the hard work paid off when you witnessed the dramatic changes of the participants from day 1 to day 2. We are all born with a unique gift. How true! It's encouraging and rewarding to see the power of changes coming through us!

I have no shame to say that the workshop is a life-changing one, for both the participants and the trainers.

We are the difference that makes the difference.

Thanks for occupying all the empty seats and even standing to enjoy our show! This was such an enjoyable and memorable training trip!!! Love it!!!

Thanks once again for those who have shown interests in our workshops but couldn't make it.

Thanks should also be given to Amazing English Centre for collaborating everything. And of course, the two great friends, master trainers, that I met in NLP University! I love the field that we created! You guys rock!!

We will definitely re-run the workshop. Where's next? Maybe Berlin and Hong Kong? What do you think?

What's next? My friends asked me. Well, a relaxing Xmas trip around Germany and two workshops in Berlin to begin the year 2017!

Looking forward to the next cooperation and collaboration opportunity! If you are as crazy as me, let's do something together!

P.S. Stay tuned for the workshop highlights video! Coming soon (need some time...😅)!

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