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The Legendary Workshop for Teachers and Students - Positive Culture

My greatest honour to witness how this legendary workshop on Positive Culture created changes to the 60 teachers! Once again, the power of NLP has been clearly demonstrated through this 2-day workshop. And I understood why this workshop created such a storm in teacher and student training and got 4.5 million funding from Education Bureau years ago.

Looking at the teachers standing in small groups on day 1 morning to clustering all together to cheer for one young teacher to complete a task, from not really clapping hands to enthusiastically cheering for others, from dragging their body while walking to jumping and dancing in the end, this is not a miracle but the power of the beautiful connection of our cognitive, somatic and field minds!

This is not only a workshop for positive culture but much more! Salute to the mastermind behind the workshop, Father Anthony! This is what education needs!

And I am proud to have the opportunity to change and fine tune it to the English Version! Coming soon, stay tuned!

P.S I can't believe that they bought a set of drums from the US more than 10 years ago! Drumming session in HK!!!

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