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Training, Coaching and Consulting Services


  • Institutes and organizations in Hong Kong, Macua, Mainland China, Barcelona, Berlin, Bangkok and California

  • General public from all walks of life

Most Popular Training Programmes

  • Better Work Relationships: Results-oriented Communication

  • Performance Excellence Series: Better Me Better Team

  • Achieving Communication Excellence Series: Learn the Language; beat the barriers

  • Communicating with Millennials

  • Effective Parent-child Communication Series

  • Mastering Job Interviews

  • Speak Up for Success Series

  • Team Building and Leadership

  • Rapport Building and Customer Service

  • Coaching and Mentoring Skills

  • Stress and Emotion Management

  • Problem and Conflict Resolutions

  • Motivating Your People

  • Mastering Job Delegation

  • Giving Effective Feedback

  • Mastering Critical Thinking

Tap the Power of Storytelling Workshop Series Interview

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