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Elijah Xu

From Wuhan

The workshop, "Impress with Impromptu Speaking", is so useful that it has totally changed my thought about how to give an impromptu speech. I have to admit I am not font of doing something without plan and preparation, so impromptu speech is always a problem for me. But during my work and life, I have to deal with it every now and then.


What Susanna has done in the workshop does not just give me some knowledge, but also makes me know how to find a concrete, logical and systematic way to handle impromptu speaking.

Susanna is always full of energy and passion; the best trainer I have ever seen. She has influenced me to change and reflect. I have seen a lot of workshop presenters personally in my life but Susanna is a rare one that I can establish a sense of trust in her. It is her willingness to share and her authenticity makes her personable and incredible on stage.  

Jamal Younis

Siam Toastmasters, Bangkok Thailand

I attended Susanna Wong’s Workshop “The Floor is Yours, Present Your Presence and Power!” at the Siam Toastmasters Club in Bangkok, Thailand. As a Toastmaster who just did his own first workshop at work, I was not only interested in the content, but also how she conducted the workshop. I was very impressed! The energy, presence and professionalism, was outstanding. During the one-hour workshop I learned more about the importance of storytelling and gestures in a speech. Especially beneficial was the parts where to stand and how to move on stage. Something which I haven’t learnt so far as an upcoming Competent Communicator. All the theories Susanna taught, we had to practise in groups right away, which helped us to apply what we just learned and this made the workshop more entertaining. It was the right mix of listening and practical work.

Peerapol Chongchirasiri

From Bangkok

I had a chance to join Susanna's workshop about the power of communication when she visited Bangkok. It was one of the best workshops I ever joined. I can say that she is a professional speaker who is lively, friendly, and natural. I love the way that she presented the ideas: she did not only teach but also make the audience understand by illustrating and demonstrating with examples sequentially. I will not hesitate to join her workshop again.

Karen Webb


I had the pleasure of attending Susanna's workshop a few weeks ago. I was very impressed by the variety of information which was covered. She made all the parents attending this participate, and discuss, and debate. Not just in ways of communication but also to re-evaluate different ways of learning, and how our own personalities come into play. I can honestly say that I left with more tools at my disposal and a different viewpoint of my child. A very enjoyable and informative workshop.

Katherine Khoo


I attended a session on how to communicate with teenagers organised by my daughter's school parent social group. Though my daughter is only 10 years old, I had no idea what to expect aside from the dreaded upcoming teenage years. Susanna ran our session which was my first introduction to NLP. She helped us understand both ourselves and our children better.

With Susanna's assessment tools, we verified that I am a very logical and auditory driven person and my daughter is very visual. If I become frustrated when explaining things to my daughter because she doesn't understand, then my voice gets progressively louder.

My husband had always commented that I needn't raise to this but with Susanna, I learnt that modulating my voice and slowing my talking pace worked better. Although I had already started before the session, I now make a concerted effort to ask my daughter to just listen first and then comment. I make sure to speak clearly and calmly and then ask her for her response. This does seem to cut down her frustration!

John Chiva

Susanna Wong is a workshop leader and speaker that has built an excellent reputation here in Hong Kong. This is partly done through the quality of Susanna’s presentations and the wealth of knowledge she has accumulated over the years. I believe that every participant who attends her presentation gets not only what they came to learn but also additional takeaways for improvement in related areas. I have had the opportunity to watch Susanna speak several times and am left feeling inspired to take positive action with the new information she has given. I rate Susanna as one of the best workshop leaders/speakers I have met.

Ingrid Lui



Martin Druehl

From Berlin

Effective Presentation Skills

After meeting Susanna and experiencing her workshop, I can say one thing with full conviction: If you need a coach that lives communication excellence, she’s the one.

I am sometimes a forgetful person and hence had nothing on hand to take notes. However,  with her very well structured presentation and sophisticated delivery, complexity was made simple and I was able to remember and write a detailed summary easily even after a week. What Susanna teaches just sticks in your mind and makes you grow.


Master the Art of Critical Thinking

A solid foundation is paramount for continued growth. This workshop by Susanna shows me, in an effective and easy to understand way, what lies underneath many very important soft skills, and what exactly I need to do in order to excel in them. Simple, by cultivating the art of critical thinking.

Be it individual development or decision making processes that I experience frequently in my line of work, both will benefit greatly with this knowledge and the very professional way Susanna delivers it.

Freya Choi

From Berlin

Effective Presentation Skills 

I already miss Susanna's workshop! I was inspired by her workshop. Her passionate and cheerful energy captivated and captured the audience. Her clear voice together with great delivery, I could understand her easily. I wish I could stand on stage like her one day. She is my role model! If you want to know how to speak well in business presentations, get confidence and so on, I will definitely recommend her. It was a useful and fruitful time for me.


Master the Art of Critical Thinking 

Whenever we make decisions, critical thinking is so important. And also, when you make plans or set strategies. Therefore, I always wonder how I can think critically and how I can apply it to my daily life. Susanna’s workshop has cleared my doubt. From what to why and how in terms of critical thinking, she has empowered me to be a critical thinker.

Adolfo Aguilar

From Berlin

I really enjoyed the two workshops, Effective Presentation Skills and Master the Art of Critical Thinking, because of Susanna's energy, enthusiasm, funny stories, and short and concise ideas, easy to remember.

Specifically, in both workshops, there was active participation and therefore I could apply what I've learned on the spot. I liked the way Susanna used storytelling (most powerful weapon quoted by Susanna) and the many examples Susanna used to demonstrate the concepts.

Kelvin Tang

Couselling Psychologist

I am a Counselling Psychologist in Hong Kong who specializes in child psychology. I strongly believe that a good parent-child relationship is always the most therapeutic element in facilitating children’s psychological development. In the workshop, Susanna offered a very inspiring and interesting perspective on establishing an effective communication with the children. If you hope to understand more about your and your children’s communication style, this workshop could be a good choice for you.

David Chan

HR Talent Agent

Susanna developed and delivered an engaging and valuable workshop for all the participants. It is indeed one of the best Critical Thinking workshops I have participated in - very well presented and she knew her topic very well and was able to hold all the audience’s interests with great use of humor and stories. What also stands out about Susanna is that she is flexible, passionate and was able to apply her expertise and experience to answer our challenging questions. I am already making use of the tools and tips provided to practice my critical thinking in my daily life. 

Saria Chan


Susanna's training is one cannot miss. I was inspired to rethink my thinking from that day onwards. Though it was only a half-day workshop, we were introduced with an easy yet powerful critical thinking model and I applied it at work the next day! She is knowledgeable with a personal touch in her sharing. Thank you Susanna! I will never think the same way again! 

Mon Chan

This was a thought-provoking workshop that left me inspired! I like the structure and the way it was conducted. The interactive exercises and the scenario questions were well-crafted and drove us into the right atmosphere to “think critically”. The actionable concepts given in the workshop were insightful to me. I believe the acquired skills learned in the workshop will help me to achieve my goals in work and my personal life more effectively. Our workshop leader Susanna is value added. Her creative approaches, knowledge base and dynamic delivery had masterfully demonstrated the art of facilitation. An amazing experience for a workshop of “Critical Thinking”!

Chris Chau

University Student

My brother Marco and I both enjoyed the workshop of “Critical Thinking” very much! Our workshop leader Ms Susanna Wong presented it very vividly. She also designed lots of activities for us to walk around and meet new friends. We could brainstorm our ideas with others and learned from each other. This workshop simplifies the skills and concepts of critical thinking and we could easily absorb what she had taught and brought it home. We had a lot of fun that day. And it was really time worthy to learn from Susanna.

Khalid Khan

Chairman of Tomorrow's Youth Foundation

Susanna was lively and skilfully incorporated the relevant models with entertaining anecdotes. We enjoyed the learning process very much and I am pleased to recommend her to any corporate training for critical thinking is quaint essential for better decisions and follow-up actions.

Helen Pang

Certified Global NLP Trainer

I met Susanna in the Toastmasters Community.  She simply shines on stage in every speech delivery!  Susanna's charismatic speaking style, dynamic presentations coupled with her uncommon life experiences caught everyone's attention which made her a frequent 'Best Speaker' in the club meetings. 


Susanna is truly a walking example of living her life to the fullest.  Shortly after joining the Toastmasters for 2 years, she won the Championship of English and Mandarin Humorous Speech contests at the Division level and represented Hong Kong to compete at the District level in China.   Amazingly, she also challenged herself to run presidency for 2 Toastmasters clubs in parallel. It was made possible because of her effective leadership, creativity and empowerment to succeed. 


Certainly, Susanna's trainings can bring you inspirations, unleash your potential and help you create new possibilities for generative future.  

Kwong Yue Yang

First Runners-up World Championship of Public Speaking

Susanna Wong embodies living life to the fullest.  She is the type of person who embraces a challenge and seeks to build a life that she wants.  Her fascinating life and experiences is a fountain of knowledge that allows her to connect with almost everyone instantly.  


She can be gentle when she needs to be gentle. She can be direct when she needs to be direct. She can be the sounding board that you need or the lighthouse that gives you direction.


What makes Susanna stand out, is that she really creates change and really cares. With her experience in adult learning and NLP, she identifies your needs and has the tools and charm to make that change lasting. 

Ann Law

Susanna has always been a passionate and conscientious educator since she joined the teaching profession about a decade ago. She has profound interest in exploring innovative and creative padegogies to help her students learn joyfully and effectively.

As an English language teacher, Susanna is good at engaging her students to learn English in real-life contexts, like public speaking, debate and mock trial. Under her guidance, her students have gained great confidence in using the language, both inside and outside the classroom, and most of all, as part of life. Her belief in 'English is Life' makes her students put the language to real use instead of English being just another school subject.

Susanna is also a highly respected class teacher as she is loving, understanding and empathetic. With her comprehensive training, extensive experience and great skills acquired in different areas, for instance, Toastmasters, NLP and gifted education, Susanna has displayed a high level of professionalism as an educator, and is greatly valued by anyone who is fortunate enough to be taught by her or connected with her.

Here may I wish Susanna every success in her newly established training and consultancy company

Anna Yu

UST Staff

I met Susanna in a speech contest where she won the championship.  Since then, I have listened to many of her contest speeches which have left me in awe.  She also impresses me as a teacher with endless supply of energy and ideas, and of course, responsibilities.  The fact that she set up a mock trial team for the school she used to teach from scratch to victory already is a testimony of her versatility and willingness to accept challenges.  She understands more than any educators what true education is, and is among the last few that continue to have hope.  It is because of this curiosity and positivity that lead her from one adventure to another, to meet people with like minds and explore new horizons to chart new courses.  Susanna is truly a master trainer that connects people to the resources they need.

Yogesh Kapoor

Public Speaker, Youth Coach

I have known Susanna Wong for little over a year and had a few coaching sessions with her. Before I was in a loss of direction and belief in myself. Susanna helped me dismantle my beliefs and limitations. I always made problems at work and relationships seem bigger than they were. After my coaching sessions with her, I have a new outlook at life and I have learned how to handle my problems. Thanks to Susanna, my life is transformed for which I am forever grateful.

Paul Sze

FCIL, FRSA (Honorary Professional Consultant, Dept of Curriculum and Instruction, CUHK)

Susanna is the epitome of excellence in training and coaching – with her varied teaching experience that includes, inter alia, nurturing public speakers, and educating gifted and talented learners. What distinguishes her, though, is not merely her professional competence and passion; it’s her need to see meaning in her work.

Hanne Aamand

Global NLP Master Trainer, Psychotherapis, Coach and NGH Hypnotherapist

I met Susanna at UCSC NLP University in both the NLP Trainer and Master Trainer courses where I saw her being a professional speaker and coach. I have also had the pleasure to work together with Susanna on a project in which I have seen her skills as a leader.


Susanna is a strong leader who always sees the big picture. She is also a great communicator who through storytelling gives the messages life and credibility.

Susanna’s skills as a Global NLP Master Trainer and as a teacher are in a class by themselves. She sees the fundamental in learning, where passion is pride of place. I give Susanna my best recommendation.

Candy Lo


I am a middle-aged lady who has always wanted to learn and speak English well. I also wish to be able to communicate with foreigners, however, I do not get many opportunities to practise with native speakers. When I do get a chance to talk to foreigners at work, I often get very nervous and not able to express myself well. In the past, although I had taken English lessons in both group and one-on-one settings, they did not have a great curriculum or course plan to better help students learn in my own opinion.

Fortunately, my friend recommended Susanna Wong to me.  As an intermediate English speaker, I found her methods of teaching helpful and easy to follow. Although Ms. Wong is fairly young, her ability and passion to teach are surely strong.  Not only is she my teacher, I also considered her as a good friend of mine. I like to share with her my problems and struggles related to work and daily life; she is not shy to give opinions and advice back to me. That really helped develop a great rapport between us. I very much appreciate Ms. Wong's patience with me through the years and her great personality. I now have more confidence in myself and can talk to foreigners with much less fear!

Jim Wan

Susanna is one of the most charismatic leaders and trainers I have had the pleasure of working with. If she says something will be done, you can bet it will be done and done excellently. She is passionate towards learning and developing people, seeing them grow.

Her best qualities are enthusiasm, professionalism and her relentless pursuit of excellence. A breath of fresh air in the local work culture. 

Jens Starke

NLP Master Trainer. Business Coach and Consultant

I have met Susanna during a seminar at the NLPU. During this time I had the pleasure to work with her and to witness, how she, as a coach, enabled her clients to see solutions and ways of doing things that have inspired and motivated them to become better. As a highly skilled master trainer, Susanna knows how to inspire people not only to learn but to live their new acquired skills. With her charisma, her professionalism, her innovating ideas  and her passion for her profession, Susanna is helping people to live their life to the fullest. I’m looking forward to all the future opportunities working together. 

Hugo Arts

Global NLP Trainer and Coach

I met Susanna as a very intelligent, well-skilled and humorous person. Susanna is a trainer with clear focus and sensitivity to know the needs of the group. She can always see a bigger picture. I highly recommend Susanna not only because of her skills but also the great personality that she carries with her. She knows how to inspire and influence you in a positive powerful way

Teresa Chan

HKU Student

Being a character of charisma, confidence, and talent, Susanna is one who inspires through her words. She never fails to help students see their potential and help them achieve it and at times even surpass it. Her speeches are entertaining, humorous and touching- a perfect harmony of words that not only engages but also encourages its audience. Susanna is a speaker who is guaranteed to enlighten you with new knowledge.

Sherrie Ma

HKU Law Student

She was my English teacher in Form 2 and later on, the teacher advisor of the Mock Trial Team I was in. Being one of my idols, she inspired me in multiple ways. First thing that comes to my mind is how she equipped me with a hose of public speaking skills. From intonation to stage management, these are skills that are of use throughout my life, especially when I set out on my path to be a lawyer. She is also a natural leader. This particular characteristic shined through her in the Mock Trial Competition. She, as the teacher advisor, guided us through the preparations, motivated us so we could hold on and strive, gave us insights when we were stuck, etc. The support she provided was uncountable. What I can conclude is that she is a person of multiple admirable qualities and these qualities together make her the charismatic self she is.

Toktam Gharai

NLP Master Trainer, Consultant, Hypnotist, EFT& EMDR Therapist U.S.A - Iran

I had the chance to know Susanna from UCSC NLP University. We’ve been practising many times. To me she is a good friend of mine and she is a professional trainer and consultant. And I’ve been witnessing that she always asks the right questions to lead her clients to very solid decisions. Her style and the way that she uses NLP methods is very effective. She is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening with sharing her wealth of experience and ideas. I am also blessed with Susanna’s ongoing humour, wisdom, and graciousness which is a wonderful model for anyone at any time and makes her an amazing trainer. I’m looking forward to collaboratig with her to teach NLP knowledge and help to make world better place to live.

Kin-Ching Tang

Vocational Education Specialist

The most important trait about a trainer and a speaker is that he or she needs to not just speak, but also to inspire. What you would get with Susanna is that she would let you see different angles, and yet at the same time allow you to choose the best way that things would work for you. She takes a genuine interest in helping people around her to become better, and through the process of working with her, she could help ignite the potential in them, and let them aspire to be what they want to be.

Berthold Chung

DTM, MH, Ex-high School Principal

Susanna is the immediate president of my Toastmasters Club(Kowloon). She is devoted and full of passion. Under her leadership, our club grows quickly and becomes one of the most popular clubs in Hong Kong.

Susanna is a powerful speaker and she not only won the Division champion in the English contest, but also the same honour in a language she is unfamiliar with i.e. Putonghua. This definitely reflects Susanna's speaking talent.

I learnt from her that she shouldered a lot of work in her previous school so I have confidence in her management ability. Her passionate and lively character will surely make her a capable trainer. I believe she will establish an outstanding career in the training field.

Khalid Khan

Gtelligence and Articulated Executive Trainer

There is no Education to teach us how to fix the bits and pieces of life to make it fulfilling. We believe that unleashing our full potential is the quintessential step. Susanna can guide you beyond yourself and make you more productive with purpose. Learn from her to achieve Peak Performance.

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