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The Chief Trainer

& Coach

Susanna Wong

Certified Global NLP Master Trainer

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Certified Empowerment, Entrepreneur & Executive Coach

Certified DiSC Trainer

Certified Human Behaviour Consultant

Speech Coach & Motivational Speaker

Susanna Wong (BBA, PGDE, MA), a member of the Global Training and Consulting Community, is a Certified Global Master Trainer of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and an affiliated trainer from the very prestigious NLP University, Santa Cruz, mentored by two of the pioneers in the field, Robert Dilts and Judith DeLozier. Being a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist of American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (A.C.H.E.) mentored by the first A.C.H.E. President, Randal Churchill, in California, Susanna is also a Certified Empowerment, Entrepreneur and Executive Coach, a Certified DiSC Trainer and a Certified Human Behaviour Consultant.

Susanna has 20 years of coaching, training and consulting experience in different institutes, such as the HKUST, CUHK, BU and German Swiss International School, and corporations, such as Hong Kong Exchanges, UOB, HSBC and Natixis. Being a visionary leader, she is the founder and director of LL Training and Consultancy (HK), Hypnoedge (USA) and Charisma (China), the Vice President of Training & Development at Labor Relations Specialist LLC (USA) and an Executive Coach at WeLead Coaching (coaching for leaders worldwide), providing inspiring coaching, training & consulting services specializing in Communication, Leadership, High Performance Coaching, Presentation, Critical Thinking and Emotional Intelligence.

Susanna is also a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), having been division director, club presidents and speech champions at club, area and division levels. She is the founding president of the Professional Trainers Toastmasters Club, a conference presenter for Districts 85, 89 and 118, a confident and passionate speaker who never ceases to entertain and challenge her audiences with new and insightful perspectives.

A true global citizen, Susanna has travelled to over 150 cities in more than 30 countries, studied in Hong Kong, Toronto, New York and California, and conducted people skills trainings in Asia, Europe and America. Highly versatile and flexible in her approach, fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, she adapts well to the learning interests and needs of individuals.

Associate Trainers

Nur Garriga


Certified Global Master Trainer. Coach. Teacher

Nur is a graduated 2016 NLP Master Trainer, Facilitator and Transformational Entrepreneur, a Certified 2015 Success Factor Modeling, plus a graduated NLP Global Trainer and Consultant and a new member of the Global Training and Consulting Community from NLPUniversity (NLPU), University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) and Dilts Strategy Group.

2014 Certified Teacher Coach by Match Education, USA. 2013 Third Generation Master Practitioner of NLP and NLP Coach graduated from the NLPU. She is actively doing research and using NLP for education since 2010.

Speaker at the APAC ELT Convention 2014. English in Action 24/7.  Success Belief Change in the Classroom at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, February 2014. The article was published in APAC Magazine in the same year.

Nur holds a degree in Translation and Interpretation from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) 2006. Teacher of General, Business & Technical English since 2000. Certified Teacher of Spanish and Catalan as foreign languages since 1996. Teacher of Administration & Commercial Affairs since 1993. Tutor and Teacher of General, Business & Technical English for High School, Upper Secondary Education and Occupational Formation (Vocational Studies), and Higher Technical Education for 10 years.

She has either worked, studied or lived in Spain, France, UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Malta. Travels to UK and the USA for work & trainings. Nur has collaborated on the CLIL research project with the UAB for four years. Occasional freelance translator and interpreter.

Nur Garriga is the founder and director of her own Creative English and Coaching Center in Barcelona area since 2014.

Jens Starke


Certified Global Master Trainer

Business Coach and Consultant

Jens Starke is a professional in the field of project leadership and management with almost 20 years of working experience across more than 15 countries facilitating individuals and teams of small, medium and large enterprises to leverage project management, business analysis and cultural changes for advantages.  He does this through a combination of training, coaching, mentoring and consulting with a holistic approach. 


Jens is a highly-skilled NLP Master Trainer, Business Coach and Consultant, and member of the Global Training and Consulting Community. With his passion to inspire people to pursue their dreams by unlocking their potential, Jens strategically utilizes the tools from NLP, Business and High Performance Coaching, and Social Panorama to equip different parties with essential skills to minimize uncertainty and maximise their performance.


Jens’ global and extensive traveling, working and living experiences has enabled him to embrace the critical element in leadership and management - cultural differences. With his multi-cultural exposure, Jens has refined leadership and management competencies with tools strengthening cultural sensitivity and cross-cultural communication. 

If you are struggling with your self-confidence or battling with procrastination, Robert just may be the person you want to talk to.


Robert specialises in teaching decision-making in online and in-person seminars using models he’s developed to help you get unstuck. As a multinational trainer, Robert’s passionate training style is founded in exploration and furthered through extrapolation. He opens new angles for you to tackle your problems by offering you a unique perspective, catalysing your future of great confidence in yourself and your ability to work. Robert’s vision is to create a world where we all retain our natural confidence – and it all starts with you!

Robert Vilkelis


Decision-Making Expert

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