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Prepare for the Interview (II) - Parent-interview Skills ~ 21 April 2017

Doing a 2-hour intensive training of most essential interview skills was quite a big challenge but the workshop was beautifully conducted with a group of interesting parents.

It's a workshop full of laughter! And when you can tell the differences between those who have attended workshop (I) and those who haven't, you know the effectiveness of the workshop.

I shared one of my expertise, storytelling. Which successful CEO isn't a great storyteller? But what is storytelling? Very happy to clarify the core element of storytelling and incorporate the skills into interview skills.

Participants practised the skills right away! From the picture, you can tell how practical and fun the workshop was. Happy to use a completely different approach to equip parents to face the challenges ahead!

Have you started collecting your stories?

And as requested, I am going to re-run the workshops... But in Sep Coz my schedule is too tight. Hope to witness changes in another group of parents!

Thanks for reassuring me that parents are willing to do more than you can imagine for their kids!

P.S. I want to show my admiration and appreciation towards the only Dad in the group. You rock!

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