Effective Parent-child Communication: Shape Your Child's Future Communication Competency 22 June

April 24, 2017

We all know that flexibility is key to success. Whether your child can communicate with people of different kinds is crucial to his/her future. So who holds this key to success? You, parents.


Now check the toys or clothes you have bought for your child, are they of certain colours, particular styles, similar textures, etc.? That’s a sign showing that we all have preferred internal representations that affect the way we shape the environment for the child.


Internal representations also control the expressions you use when you speak. Your preferred internal representations form your preferred ways of expressing yourself (“language”). Do you know what “language” you are using? Do you know what “language” your child has acquired from you? Do you know before 6 years old is a critical period?


Whether your child can flexibly speak in different “languages” in the future highly determines his/her communication competency. It’s time to study your “language”. It’s time to shape your child’s future by increasing your “language” flexibility. Your child’s future is in your hands.

日期:2017 年 6 月 22 日 (THU) (幼稚園學生或以下家長)
時間:7:30pm to 9:30pm
費用: $600/人; 早鳥優惠 (6月8日前) $500/人

查詢 : info@livelimitless.com.hk

講師:Miss Susanna Wong BBA, PGDE, MA

Live Limitless Company Limited
Hang Seng Bank
788 338283 883


黃永堅 BBA, PGDE, MA —— NLP(身心語言程式學)國際高級培訓師,是一位人才管理領域的專業人士。她畢業於拔萃女書院後,便進香港中文大學主修BBA、英語教學文憑與碩士課程,其後負笈前往加拿大與美國進修,師從於Robert Dilts和Judith DeLozier。






New Workshop Testimonials!!!

"I had the pleasure of attending Susanna's workshop a few weeks ago. I was very impressed by the variety of information which was covered. She made all the parents attending this participate, and discuss, and debate. Not just in ways of communication but also to re-evaluate different ways of learning, and how our own personalities come into play. I can honestly say that I left with more tools at my disposal and a different viewpoint of my child. A very enjoyable and informative workshop." ~ Karen Webb


"I attended a session on how to communicate with teenagers organised by my daughter's school parent social group. Though my daughter is only 10 years old, I had no idea what to expect aside from the dreaded upcoming teenage years. Susanna ran our session which was my first introduction to NLP. She helped us understand both ourselves and our children better.

With Susanna's assessment tools, we verified that I am a very logical and auditory driven person and my daughter is very visual. If I become frustrated when explaining things to my daughter because she doesn't understand, then my voice gets progressively louder.

My husband had always commented that I needn't raise to this but with Susanna, I learnt that modulating my voice and slowing my talking pace worked better. Although I had already started before the session, I now make a concerted effort to ask my daughter to just listen first and then comment. I make sure to speak clearly and calmly and then ask her for her response. This does seem to cut down her frustration!" ~ Katherine Khoo

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