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July 16, 2019


o    最常見的家長問卷問題嗎?
o    問卷上各問題如何填寫才能留下深刻印象嗎?
o    家長面試中常問的問題嗎?
o    面試中難度高的問題如何回答嗎?
o    面試中突圍而出的取勝之道嗎?
o    面試中令面試老師喜歡你的技巧嗎?
o    你的表現會影響面試...

November 21, 2017

What's an unbeatable way to ace an interview?

"You can push information out or you can pull them in with story."

If not storytelling, it's storytelling. Great writers are great storytellers; great trainers are great storytellers; great teachers are great storytellers.....

November 21, 2017

How would you feel when you received an evaluation with overall perfect score?

My Halloween this year was made remarkable not only Coz of the educational and entertaining Halloween party I hosted, but also the enjoyable training I conducted and the unbelievable trainin...

March 25, 2017

When you get invited to do a workshop on a particular topic again and again, I guess it implies that I am really good at it. Applying NLP concept, this is Unconscious Competence.

After fine-tuning my workshop on storytelling, I proudly presented some practical tips and...

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